IGE SA was formed on 14th of June 2011, after a decision that was taken by its mother company, Dionic SA, to have an autonomous subsidiary in order to distribute consumer’s products. Dionic SA has been active in the market since 1986. It entered the Athens Stock Exchange Market (public company) in 1999. Since then it had many diversified activities as distribution consumer’s products (toys, gadgets, mobile phones, and entertainment products), alternative energy solutions, Internet solutions etc.Up until the moment of its foundation, IGE SA had already signed distribution agreements with major contractors, such as Sony, Microsoft, Activision, 505 Games, Lego (through its local office).

In August 2011, another Athens Stock Exchange listed company, AudioVisual Enterprises, with long history in HE business (Films and DVD business) acquired 50% of IGE SA’s stock options. In September of the same year, IGE SA signed another videogames distribution agreement with Bethesda, whereas in October of 2012 IGE signed the distribution agreement with Telltale Games.

In March of 2013, IGE SA expanded its business by signing an agreement with Samsung to distribute mobile phones and accessories of the aforementioned. On October of the same year, AudioVisual enterprises acquired the remaining 50% and became the sole owner of IGE SA. In November of 2013 and after the finalization of the acquisition, IGE SA signed another distribution agreement for the Greek market with Blizzard. One year later it expanded the existing agreement with Activision-Blizzard for the Bulgarian market , as well as signed a new one with Nokia (through Nokia’s local office).